Whether you are just starting out your business or have been in business for a long time and need a fresh logo we can help you develop a look for your brand.

Thee Next Steps

Grassroots organization asked for steps, forward and multiracial feet in their logo.

Hi Pro Kennels Logo

Hi-Pro Kennels wanted to showcase their Hi caliber Dog breeding.

Open Table Ministries Logo

LGBTQ+ friendly ministry in New Zealand wanted this font and this circle shape filled with colors.

New Logo Design for Vero Salinas

Vero needed a strong and feminine logo. She knew she wanted a flame and this is what she chose as her final logo.

Logo - Mama's Crafts CA

Handmade crafts

Ad for Mama's Crafts
Captivus-Logo- Branding

Captivus came to me for a logo and web design. The goal was to produce a fun, sensual logo that inspired the spirit of curvy women empowerment.

MMA gym Logo Redesign
Crew 18 Logo

Crew 18 is a wonderful ministry of Miracle Harvest International. Crew 18 wanted a sporty feel to their logo.

Miracle Harvest International

MHI wanted to rejuvenate their old design using the same elements of the glob and wheat. This was their favorite of 4 design options.

Sierra Vista Logo

Sierra Vista Mini Storage and Motel Bakersfield, CA

Rock 56

5th and 6th Grade classroom at Valley Bible Fellowship.

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men was a ministry that provided food to families in need.

La Princesa

Veronica is an MMA fighter.

Billboards in Motion

This logo was for a client who had mobile advertisement.

Announcement Slide
The Crib

The Crib is the name of the Nursery at Valley Bible Fellowship Church