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Meet my client, AG Enterprises..

I was approached by the entrepreneurs of AG Enterprises for a logo.

The brief was simple, they wanted a logo that conveyed the professionalism of their transportation business. Luckily they had great ideas and sketches of what they wanted their logo to look like. I always love it when clients have great ideas to get started.

After meeting with my client and gathering all of the information I could get I got started on the digital design. I came up with a few options and sent my ideas to them. After one of my options was chosen as the best fit for the business I began to put the final touches to it.

I love the process of designing Logos, I always compare it to an optometrist getting the prescription just right for every set of eyes. As always my clients were very happy and I made sure their expectations were surpasses. I do not stop until my client is extremely happy. Anyway, here is their final Logo:

Thanks for stopping by, contact me with your design needs.

-Amy, your geek girl!

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